Know an amazing e juice brand that would benefit from SkwadBox? Recommend they join us here at SkwadBox!

So you love SkwadBox and are enjoying discovering awesome new e juices. You started to realize, “hey, I know a few e juice brands that would really benefit from being in SkwadBox!”. Perfect, you can recommend that those companies join the SkwadBox Family!

Simply copy and paste the email below and send it to the e juice brands that you’d like to see in SkwadBox:


I’m a big fan of your e juice. Recently I started using SkwadBox to discover other flavors that I love and noticed that your brand wasn’t included in SkwadBox. There are thousands of vapers like myself that get a SkwadBox each month to find new brands that they love. I think it would be a smart idea for you to include your e juice samples in SkwadBox so vapers who have yet to try your e juice can fall in love with your product like I have.

With the vaping community now being so large, I think it’s important for awesome brands like yourself to reach as many vapers as possible and I think SkwadBox would be a great cost-effective way for you to do that. I know my fellow SB Family Members will fall in love with your juice once they try it in SkwadBox!

Anyway, I just wanted to share this suggestion with you. I hope to see you gain more new customers from the SkwadBox Family! I’ve been able to reach SkwadBox at so I’m sure that would be the best way to get in touch with them.

Happy Vaping,